Pure 100% Raw unfiltered Honey

bullet imagebullet imageOur beehives are located throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains making for some of the best and purest honey that you have ever tasted.  You might have seen our honey bears at the local market, or maybe you’ve heard about our wildflower and sourwood honey.


We collect our honey from
bee farms
in the mountains of
Western North Carolina
and Northern Georgia.
It’s good for the land,
and it’s great for you.

environmental Friendly 

Bees are perfectly adapted
to pollinate, helping plants grow,
breed and produce food.
do so by transferring
pollen between flowering
plants and so keep the
cycle oflife turning. ... 
Bees also pollinate wildflowers
so our countryside 
 be far less interesting and
beautiful without them.



Bees are absolutely free to
range over acres of wildflowers.
Bees return each night to their
hives, which are boxes that keep
bees safe, dry, and warm.
Time after time, they come
back to the beekeepers’ boxes.
Bees select the boxes as their
preferred homes. But bees
can leave whenever they want.